Lambeth Open Blind Auction

The Portico Gallery is organising a ‘Blind Auction’ of small paintings by participating artists at this year’s Lambeth Open. The panels are all 15X15cm and will be sold to raise funds for SRA, a charity supporting people with mental health issues, to get back to work.

My entry, is called ‘ Come share my umbrella’ and is based on this years rather rainy London Pride. I’ve rather enjoyed doing it, so I think I might work on a couple more paintings under this theme. The paintings will be going up in the window of the SRA Copy shop on Knights Hill, West Norwood. Contact the Portico Gallery if you would like to make a bid on any of them. Apparently a ‘blind auction’ means you won’t know what anyone else has bid on the picture….. I had no idea what it meant when I first heard the term.

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