Plantain and Onions

Plantane and OnionsThis picture was quite a time in my head before I finally got around to making it. It is based on a shop in Church Street, Croydon which largely serves a clientele with roots in North Africa. Much of what the shop sells is very common; onions, peppers, bread, cans of veg, packets of sauce. At the same time there is something very exotic about the shop, not so much in the occasional fruit or vegetable that I can’t identify as in the colors and patterns of the well stacked shelves, the friendliness of the staff and the individuality of the service. All of which pulls on my curiosity whilst jarring with my normal shyness! It’s a picture I’ve really enjoyed making so I hope you enjoy it too.

Other pictures I have recently added to the gallery are ‘Cram’ and ‘Waiting for the 4.30’, which are rather less colorful!


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