United Society of Artists

I’m really pleased to announce that I was elected a full member of the United Society of Artists at the beginning of the year.  Which means I now get to call myself Bev Jones U.A. if I want to. I have to admit it’s a slightly strange concept still but it’s really nice to be recognised by this very talented group of artists.

The next UA members exhibition is also coming up fast now and will open on the 26th April @ the Bankside Gallery on the South Bank in London. There will be a Private View on the opening evening.and it would be great to see you all there.




  1. Bev. Have you submitted any works to the RA? Susan Absolon who you may know had a painting exhibited last year. She has a studio in Carshalton but has a house quite near me in Deal. Paul

    1. Hi Paul
      No, I’ve never tried for the RA, it’s always seemed like such a lottery given the enormous number of entries… one year perhaps if I think I have something really special at the right time.

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